How to get to Fall Asleep Fast: Military Method to Sleep in 2 minutes

How to get to Fall Asleep Fast: Military Method to sleep in 2 minutes

How to get to Fall Asleep Fast: Do you have trouble falling asleep? We will tell you how you can fall asleep within 5 minutes using our methods. The military uses these methods to fall asleep faster

According to the American Sleep Association around 40 percent, working adults found sleep-deprived. And today we have more obstacles to sleep than ever before. Here we are talking about electronic gadgets like TV and smartphones.

The problem with sleeping is common these days when you are lying on the bed. The problems with nighttime can result in unbalancing health like you find difficult to concentrate on daily tasks. But you are not the only one who is fighting this battle. So today we are going to tell you how you can fall asleep within minutes.

Military way to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes:

It is based on your concentration and relaxing your body. Military troops use these methods to sleep fast and they tell that these techniques will help you to fall asleep in just minutes. Soldiers need to rest so they can complete their tasks more efficiently. Proper sleep can help them in a lot of ways.

  • Start breathing slowly and deeply.
  • Feel the muscles in your face relaxing and remove every pressure and tension from your forehead.
  • Feel your body relax and soft and drop your shoulder as low as possible.
  • Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to relax your upper body.
  • After relaxing your whole body, dream yourself in the best dream of yours.
  • Another way is to tell yourself to don't think for 10 seconds.
  • And within 2 minutes you finally should fall asleep.

This military method comes from the Sharon Ackerman book named “Relax and Win: Championship Performance.” This book tells us that we have to imagine ourselves on a boat in a lake under the blue sky. And try to listen to the natures' sounds coming from the forest. According to this book, this will also help you to sleep quickly. 
This may not work on the first day but by practicing, you can obtain this technique soon. It is proof that breathing and relaxing work very well to fall asleep. 

Improvements that we can do to Fall Asleep Fast:

The thing is that we are not in the military. So you can do some amendments to this technique to work it in a better way for you. Troops have to use this sleeping method in a difficult environment. 
But you are using it in your home. So improving your environment or doing some precautions you can do it in a better way for you to fall asleep fast.

Sleep in a cooler environment:

A thermal environment is an important thing to fall asleep. When you are sleeping, your body temperature gets 2-3 degrees lower. So try to sleep in a cooler environment for fast and comfortable sleep.

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Wet the shocks with water and dry them. And use them when you sleep. It also helps you to stay cooler.

Exercise during the day:

Of course, the troops have to do physical tasks daily. So their body needs the rest. And this is the important factor that helps them to fall asleep fast in just minutes. So try to do some physical activity during the day. Physical activity also helps you to fall asleep fast.

Eat balanced food before the bed:

Eating more or less can be a problem for your sleep. In the military, they get healthy and balanced food to sleep fast. So they get energy all day long and it let help them to stay away from health issues.

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So eating balanced food is very necessary. Also, try to eat food before 2-3 hours before bedtime. And try not to eat fast food or coffee in the late evening that will also help.

Don't Use Electronic Gadget before bedtime:

Using electronics can be the cause of sleep issues. So avoid smartphones or TVs before bedtime. According to scientists, the blue light-emitting or screen causes a lack of sleep-promoting hormones. 
Even in the military troops don't use electronics as we use those. So try to avoid using electronics before sleeping. It will help also boost your sleeping hormones.

Bottom line:

So the bottom line is that the military technique to fall asleep takes 2 minutes to work out. But you have to practice and concentrate to clear your mind. 
Only after clearing your mind, you can relax your body which takes you to the comfortable and fast sleep. It is said that it even works who want to sleep sitting up.

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