How to Sleep Fast: More than 15 Easy and Effective Ways to Sleep Fast

How to Sleep Fast: More than 15 Easy and Effective Ways to Sleep Fast

So, you are doing all the right things to get a decent sleep, but you are not getting proper and comfortable sleep. Do you know that a person needs at least 7 hours of sleep? Proper sleep help to concentrate, remember and your brain works very well. Sleep will boost your immune system also.

There are things you don't aware of that. If you don't get proper sleep then it can affect your daily routines, physical and mental health. A study tells that 60 percent of people have trouble sleeping most of the nights.
Hey, the sleep deprivation period is here. This is the major issue of our life. But by focusing on simple tips, you can get your life with proper sleep back. So today we have some ways that how you can get proper and fast sleep.

Why we cannot able to get proper sleep?

The main reason behind this is the technology. 95 percent of people use phones or watch TV before getting sleep. A study tells that artificial light of electronic gadgets before sleeping can slow down releasing the sleeping hormones. It makes difficult to sleep fast because gadgets are not making us tired. 

Using the laptop or playing the games at night not only affects our sleep but also on our mental health. Technology is a major reason not to get sleep fast according to experts. Kids who go to bed with their phones can have insomnia. So scrolling Facebook during the night is not a good idea.

Some people also get stressed out by looking at social media. By looking at your friends or any person who have something that you don't have, you feel bad about that. That creates bad thoughts in your mind and negatively affect your sleep time.

Effective ways to Sleep Faster:

1. Make a daily schedule:

Make a schedule for your daily routine work. It helps people a lot to get sleep faster. Doing things regularly helps you to sleep easier at the same time according to schedule. After a month you will feel much better when you get into bed and fall asleep on time. Also wake-up early in the morning will help you to get on the bed early and sleep fast. So try to get up early in the morning. It will refresh your mind.

2. Do some exercise to get tired:

A lot of people have desk jobs. So they don't have time for physical work. So try to do some physical exercise daily. Being physically tired makes you feel sleepy and helps you to sleep fast. But doing exercise before 2-3 hours before sleeping time can awake you up longer. So doing exercise in the morning will be much better.

3. Do Meditation or Yoga calm down the mind:

Doing meditation or yoga will make your mind relax and help you in daily work also. In this period, people are in so much stress and that affects their lives in so many ways. And less sleep is one of them. Doing meditation or yoga will help you to not only release stress but also to sleep faster.

Things to do during the Daytime:

1. Get some Sunlight:

Get sunlight at least 30 minutes. You always heard to not use the screen before bed. But getting sunlight at least 30 minutes a day is equally important. So try to take a break from work and get natural light during the day. Body exposer during the day is very important because this will help you to conditions your body schedule and trigger tiredness at nighttime.

2. Avoid sleeping during the day:

Avoid sleep during the daytime as much as you can. People getting nap more than 2-3 times per week for more than 2 hours have less nighttime sleep quality. Taking a nap after 4 pm makes it worse. People having a nap after 4 pm have depressive symptoms. So avoid daytime sleep.

When and what to Eat:

Avoid Coffee and Nicotine in the late evening:
Having coffee or nicotine in the late evening is also create a problem with your sleep. Cola, coffee, tea or even chocolate can be the cause of your awaken in the night. They can wake you up to 8 hours long.

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1. Balanced food before sleep:

Your diet before bed also affects your sleep. Eating too much or less can interrupt your night rest. So your diet should be balanced before getting into the bed. And the most important thing is that you should eat 3-4 hours before sleep. It will help to digest your food properly. Eating melatonin rich food is best.

2. Avoid fats, sugar, or fast food in the evening:

Do not eat sugar or fats in the late evening. If you are watching your show late at night with having burgers, chips, and coca-cola with chocolate will not help you to sleep faster. It can awake you up to the late night.

Things to do during or before Bedtime:

1. Try to sleep in a colder environment:

When you sleep your body gets 2-3 degree cooler. Sleeping in the thermal environment is also the factor to sleep fast. The warmer room will create a problem to fall you asleep. The room temperature 15-23 degree will help you to sleep fast. So try to reduce the room temperature.

2. Take a hot shower before bed:

Taking a hot shower before bed is a good idea. This will be going to help to cool down your body temperature. And because of it, the body will send a signal to your brain that it is the time for bed when the temperature of your body gets decreased. After taking the hot shower or bath your inner heat vaporizing to the environment and that's how your body temperature reduces.

3. Relax your body during sleep:

During sleep, your body should is relaxed. Your face muscles and your body gets relaxed when you fall asleep. So try to relax your body during sleep. To do that you can take deep breaths. It helps to relax the nervous system and calm down your body. And also help to fall to sleep fast.

4. Put away the clock:

If your clock is near to you, you will see the time again and again definitely. So you should put away the clock. By watching again and again that how much you haven't slept, it will only give you stress and will not help to sleep fast. So time monitoring is not a good idea. Watching at the clock will only stress you out.

5. Listen to music:

By listening to music help a lot to sleep faster. You can download the Soundcloud. It is my personal favorite. You can listen here to all new and soft music. It will help you to relax and feel sleepy. In the Soundcloud, there are separate lists for sleeping music. A study tells that those who listen to music have deep sleep than those who don't listen to music. Music is the best medicine for relaxing your body. So listening to music is also a good idea for sleep fast.

6. Breathing:

Breading is a powerful method, which relaxes your nervous system. You can even practice it whenever you feel stress or anxious. But it is also effective in bedtime. A deep breath helps you to relax your upper body and clear your mind. So this method is also helpful in many cases.

7. Turn off all the electronics:

As we already told you that at this time, electronics are the major cause of interruption of your sleep. Your smartphones or any gadget can interrupt your deep sleep at night. Therefore, you have to turn off your smartphones or any gadget, which can disturb you during sleep. Smartphones and watching TV are the main cause of distraction, so avoid them during night sleep.

8. Read something:

Instead of watching TV or your smartphone, you can read books. It will not only help you to sleep fast but it will also help you to avoid the artificial light of the electronics. So try to develop the reading habit in yourself. And don't read books online. Artificial light will affect your sleep. We recommend you to read physical books to sleep fast. Bedtime reading always better for longer speel also.

9. Clear your mind:

When you are sleeping then thoughts came again and again. This happens with many people. Overthinking is also be the cause. For clearing your mind take a deep breath and just say 'Don't think' for 10 seconds. It will also help you sleep and clear your mind.

10. Live in your best dream:

Try to imagine your best dream and feel like you are in that dream. It will also help you to feel asleep. Good thoughts will take you away from stressful thoughts that kept you awake. This technique can get you to sleep fast and in a better way.

Bottom Line:

It will not be going to help on your first night. Practice makes perfect. By following these steps, you will fall asleep within minutes by the end of the week. So try to concentrate on your sleep. And the main things are to avoid coffee and nicotine late evening, do exercise, and do not use the gadgets before going to bed. These techniques are very effective in the long term. You will get better results at the end of the week.

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